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Cultural heritage, fascinating natural treasures, spectacular spas – this is Sárvár, a deservedly popular tourist destination in Western Hungary.


An innovative concept where medicine, healing based on ancient traditions, a holistic approach, conscious gastronomy and idyllic surroundings meet. An unrivalled location, hosted by the realm of medicinal waters.

Our story

In harmony with the environment

History of the popular spa town and its unrivalled assets have inspired us, to bring the legendary Boating Lake to life a jewel box that creates a perfect harmony with the already fabulous surroundings.
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Our innovative, lifestyle-forming concept aims to provide Melea – The Health Concept guests with a long-term sustainable, health-conscious lifestyle that can be practised independently in everyday life, and which can contribute to a longer, healthier and more balanced life.


Sárvár is a small town with a long history in Western Transdanubia, situated on the banks of the Rába River, the geographical axis of Vas County, in the estuary of the Gyöngyös stream. With a rich and varied history, the Rába Valley settlement – which is worth visiting not only for its thermal waters – has accumulated many tangible and cultural treasures over its more than a thousand-year history.