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Our Philosophy

The development and long-term sustainability of a good lifestyle the key to maintaining it over the long term lies in awareness.

physical and mental balance

An innovative concept where medicine, based on ancient traditions, a holistic approach, conscious gastronomy and idyllic surroundings meet.

An unrivalled location, hosted by the realm of medicinal waters. A special journey, every moment of which is invigorating. This is Melea, the 5-star jewel box of Sárvár.

The Melea – The Health Concept’s therapeutic programmes, with a team of outstanding professionals in a luxurious setting, support the balance between body and soul and contribute to health, self-confidence and longevity.

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Unique health programme

The unique concept provides a matrix of personalised health and SPA services based on an integrative and regenerative approach. We believe that self-discovery, relaxing rejuvenation, detoxifying and energizing retreats not only bring you close to your inner self, but also help you overcome one of the greatest enemies of our time: stress.

When envisioning Melea, we were guided by our most important mission: To play a prominent educational role in the field of health promotion and prevention in Hungary and the region, paving the way for science-based holistic lifestyle education.