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personalised programmes

An innovative concept where medical science, medicine based on ancient traditions, a holistic approach, conscious gastronomy and idyllic surroundings meet.

innovative and unique

Melea – The Health Concept’s innovative and unique lifestyle shaping approach is not a predefined treatment package, but takes maximum account of the guest’s current health status, individual physical and mental characteristics, goals and preferences, and proposes a personalised programme to improve and maintain well-being and health effectively and efficiently.

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to restore the upset physical and mental balance caused by the rush of everyday life.
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Here is a taste of some of the possible program options, focusing on the most common problems caused by poor lifestyle choices.


It is a series of programs designed to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in the body as a result of an irregular lifestyle, chaotic eating, overworked and unhealthy everyday life, with the aim of “cleaning up” the body, through therapeutic treatments that are sustainable in the long term, free of drastic methods, improving well-being and even weight loss.




Detoxification, passing of waste

Function recovery


increasing vitality

Our vitality program is for people who lead active lives, play sport or aim to regain their energy and maintain their health in the long term. The treatments are the perfect way to recharge, to take a moment of rest and to return to everyday life with renewed energy. Especially recommended for rehabilitation after illness or after a period of physical and mental stress.



Immune boosting





Overworked everyday lives can throw our physical and mental health out of balance – and in the long term, this can lead to serious physical and mental illness. Among many other things, it can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, high blood pressure, burn-out, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. The first symptoms of health problems that are already developing should not be ignored! They need to be treated immediately with effective expert help to avoid the onset of more serious illnesses. Lifestyle changes are aimed at regaining and maintaining physical and mental fitness in the long term.


Restoring balance

Stress management



Mental recharging

ideal body weight

Achieving and maintaining an ideal and healthy weight can be a challenge in a hectic daily life. With expert support, we can help you set up a personalised, long-term sustainable, easy-to-implement nutrition and exercise program that can be easily adapted back at home, and that will gradually help you achieve your ideal weight and a balanced, conscious lifestyle.


Body sculpting

Weight loss

Increasing stamina

Developing a healthy diet

Balanced exercise program

aesthetics and beauty

Achieving and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and youthful appearance, beauty and a harmonious appearance is an integral part of the complex Melea lifestyle program, which includes treatments and methods to help slow down the visible signs of ageing. The cosmetic treatments improve the quality of the skin and increase the body’s own collagen production, making it firmer and more resistant. The various medical cosmetic anti-ageing treatments play a very important role in the treatment of skin ageing and in creating an aesthetic appearance in general.  Increasing the self-confidence of our guests, which contributes closely to the achievement of spiritual harmony.


Skin regeneration

Anti-ageing / Healthy-ageing

Rejuvenation, firming

"Polish-Up" / "Glam-up"

Deep hydration

Reducing inflammatory processes