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Modern beauty care works on the body and the soul at the same time. A harmonious and aesthetic appearance has a positive impact on our mental state, our confidence, our relationship with our environment and our social relations.

make it more beautiful

Personalised beauty treatments go beyond traditional cosmetics. Our innovative methods contribute to reversing the signs of ageing (anti-aging), achieving a radiant and flawless complexion (HydraFacial), and bring immediate and long-lasting aesthetic changes, using holistic methods to help achieve inner harmony.

The Melea – The Health Concept’s luxury cosmetics and non-invasive, non-surgical treatments not only pamper you, but also give you visible results. 

Our team of dermatologists, cosmeticians and health professionals will help you to target your aesthetic concerns and make you visibly more beautiful.

Our cosmetics brands


French luxury cosmetics brand Biologique Recherche is based on the actual condition of the skin to be treated, known as. The luxury skin care company, French cosmetic brand Biologique Recherche, focuses on the skin condition at hand, called “Skin Instant”, and offers personalized treatments and products. The brand’s speciality lies in its ingredients, which are biologically pure, natural and formulated on the basis of extensive medical and biotechnological research. They are based on the latest harvesting and manufacturing technologies, inheriting the genome of each land and sea plant. Treatment methodologies and various massage techniques are also personalized.


Seed to Skin Tuscany goes beyond natural trends, combining the healing power of nature. Our skin is made up of multiple layers of cells, so to truly activate their repair and regeneration, we need to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. We achieve this by extracting the most powerful natural ingredients and using an advanced molecular delivery system that reaches the dermal layer. Thanks to green molecular science, the result is rejuvenated, supple and fully hydrated skin that gives our guests a visible glow.


Alqvimia is not just another beauty brand, it is a holistic lifestyle brand that combines the ancient wisdom of alchemy with the latest in organic and natural skincare and aromatherapy. The product range spans a variety of categories, each carefully designed to address different aspects of holistic wellbeing. Nourishing and revitalizing the skin, bringing out its natural radiance.

Alqvimia has created tailor-made formulas that have won numerous prestigious awards.


Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Through this therapy, we provide our guests with a simple and effective way to address vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Intravenous administration of specially formulated cocktails of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and derived substances provides effective protection against the development of deficiencies. It also has the added benefit of increasing the body’s defences against increased levels of free radicals and reactive oxygen species that cause accumulated damage and accelerate the ageing process.



OxygeneO combines three methods in a single treatment. The treatment involves gently exfoliating the skin with a special skin-activated, abrasive capsule, while replenishing the skin with oxygen and the right active ingredient for the skin problem. The machine’s other treatment method is radio frequency, which provides immediate tightening. By applying the treatment over a course of treatments, the production of collagen fibres is increased, making the firmness more durable. The third technology is ultrasound, which delivers an additional serum of personalized active ingredients deep into the skin. So you are actually getting three treatments in one session!

The oxygenation is done by a completely natural process, no oxygen mask is used, no needle pricks. Personalized active ingredients treat problem or ageing skin, pigment spots and optional moisturizing treatments. Areas treated: face, neck, décolleté, back of hands.


Micro-Puncture Lab© performs intra epidermall micro-stimulation of collagen production in the skin for a softening and regenerating effect. With 58 active ingredients, such as peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the innovative Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants regenerates hair, facial skin and stimulates hair growth.


SkinPen® Precision is the new dimension in medical microneedling. It works without heat or active ingredients, relying on the body’s self-healing processes to achieve structural skin renewal.

Microneedling creates thousands of microchannels in the skin within a controlled framework. These micro-injuries trigger the body’s natural healing process. During wound healing, new tissue, collagen and elastin are produced. By precisely adjusting the needle length according to the patient’s capabilities and skin problem, it is possible to target the appropriate skin layer.

It can be used successfully to treat a number of skin problems, such as:

  • post-acne scars
  • post-operative scars
  • pigmentation disorders
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • stretch marks
  • dilated pores

HydraFacial Facial MD is one of the most advanced skin renewal technologies that painlessly and quickly improves skin beauty and health. It makes it easy to achieve healthy, clear, lush, youthfully radiant and velvety hydrated skin. It is the only treatment that addresses so many different facial skin concerns at once. It helps to fade wrinkles, addresses acne, treats rosacea with beautiful results.

It is recommended for sensitive skin, oily skin, and large pores, and also corrects sunburns remarkably well.

The procedure, which can be used for all skin types and for both men and women, involves three basic steps:

  • cleaning and chemical peeling
  • removal and hydration
  • prevention and protection.

The infrared, red, and blue light emitted by the light therapy device is absorbed by the mitochondria of the hair bulb, thereby stimulating the energy production of the cells of the hair fibre, increasing the duration of the hair growth phase

Beneficial effects:

  • Stimulates the transition of hair follicles in the telogen phase to the anagen phase.
  • Prolongs the duration of the anagen phase.
  • It stimulates cell division in active hair follicles.
  • Prevents premature catagenic state.
  • The light and massage function increases blood flow to the scalp, relieving stress and tension.
  • Provides nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • It stimulates cell metabolism.
  • Activates the keratin content of the hair shaft.
  • It treats sebaceous glands, reduces oiliness of the scalp.
  • Supports capillary nutrition, strengthens hair.
  • Increases water retention in the hair.

GENO-LED’s low intensity light therapy uses LED light to solve more complex skin problems. It helps to regenerate and soothe the skin. It emits light at different wavelengths into the skin (between 423 and 640 nm). Because it uses high quality, powerful and bright SMD LED components close to the infrared range, it has an outstanding effect. GENO-LED is a light-emitting device that painlessly and safely avoids the risks of conventional laser sources, such as heat damage and light-induced ageing.

Hair & nail spa

We pay special attention to every detail for the health and beauty of our guests. Our beautiful Hair & Nail Spa, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, offers treatments for the health and beauty of hands, feet, nails, hair and scalp.
  • Aesthetic and spa pedicure treatments.
  • Callux pedicure.
  • Lacquering (with gel varnish)
  • Pampering foot massage
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • Foodspa (foot wrap and foot mask)
  • Hair Gentron hair therapy (hair follicle stimulation, hair growth stimulation)
  • Scalp analysis
  • Scalp treatment (for dry and oily dandruff)
  • Hair detox treatment (exfoliator and hair pack)
  • Hair washing and drying
  • Blow-dry drying
  • SPA manicure therapies
  • Lacquering (with gel varnish)
  • Hand and forearm massage
  • Anti-pigment treatment for back of the hand
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