A MELEA philosophy’s nutritional program aims to restore the body’s balance and enhance its self-healing ability.

selected ingredients

Melea Kitchen is the result of an unparalleled meeting of healthy eating principles and the sophisticated tools of gastronomy that appeal to the senses. Our aim is to show how healthy eating can be a varied, delicious, satisfying as well as aesthetically pleasing gastronomic journey.

We prepare our nutritious dishes with the highest quality Hungarian, mainly local, seasonal, organic certified, fresh ingredients, which Gábor Gyurik, executive chef, transforms into a fine-dining experience. Our menus are constantly changing according to seasonality and always based on the freshest ingredients.

We aim to enhance the health benefits by using common herbs and spices, as well as gentle cooking techniques. Low AGE loads are achieved through the use of selected ingredients and special cooking techniques such as sous vide and different braising techniques.

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customized diet

With 3 main meals a day and a variety of snacks, we provide our guests with a balanced, personalized diet.

Salads, vegetable rolls, porridges and creams make breakfast a delicious meal.

Our nutritious two-course lunch menus offer a diverse selection of nutritious cream soups, spicy vegetable broths, risottos, whole grain salads, whole grain organic pasta and vegetable hypoallergenic vegan dishes, followed by light and nutritious grain salads, stuffed vegetables and light salads at dinner.

Between main meals, we treat our guests to nutrient-dense, healthy smoothies, light vegan puddings, fresh homemade oatmeal and herbal fruit salads.