The MELEA Method

The Melea method for long-term health, and to achieve physical and mental balance.

Melea method

The Concept

Melea – The Health Concept offers our guests a comprehensive lifestyle and quality of life enhancement programme to help them achieve their desired goal: a healthy, long life.

Health Check

A prerequisite for developing an effective and efficient lifestyle programme is to thoroughly map and fully understand the current health status of our guests. This complex process starts before arrival, so that a personalised integrated health plan can be prepared before check-in.
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An integral part of the Melea – concept is a detailed and comprehensive consultation with our specialists, as well as a specific, individualised treatment and therapy plan based on personal discussions, to achieve a long and healthy life.

Parts of Melea - method


Awareness is the key to developing and maintaining a good lifestyle in the long term. There is no change without learning, no lifestyle change without change, so we make it a priority for our guests to understand the results of each test and assessment and the mechanism of action of the treatments recommended improving. Our professionals provide effective help and support along the way, but long-term success depends on individual attitude, willpower, perseverance and awareness.